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This website is built to provide you with all the information about planning an application and a digital product, Characterizing the UX user experience, UI design, app design, Micro interactions and much more than that.

I will be happy to answer any questions you have and lead you on the way to creating an excellent product.

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Creating a winning digital product or app is every entrepreneur's dream. Many variables make up the success of your digital product. user experience Superiority and a boundary-breaking user interface may not be the only condition for success, but without them, success is a matter of luck.

The basis for creating an excellent digital product with an intuitive user experience and user interface is the winning combination between precision and creativity. Accuracy is the ability to work orderly and organized under a broad collective knowledge and knowledge of the changes and updates that apply every day in this market. Creativity is the ability to fly to create under the spirit of the brand, the product and the need.

Selected projects in user interface and user experience UX UI

A selection of recent projects in design and user experience for applications and digital products
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ChatBat AI
סלקום: אפליקצית ועד עובדים
Barzilay X

Excellent service! We are happy with the entire process of designing the user experience, user interface, and communication. Worth every Shekel!

Asaf Varon
Asaf Varon
Software Architect/Engineer & Team Leader

One of the best UI/UX designers on the market! Amazing to work with you, hope to do it again in the future!

Roni Appel
A brilliant UX/UI professional, creative, and very efficient with fast delivery, understanding the customer needs, and finding the right solutions. Highly recommended!!
Surin Gropper
Surin Gropper

Awesome ui/ux pro. Knows how to make the product intuitive to users. Focus on the user, think as users to make their needs be answered.

Amit Gal Alon

Great job! we loved the UX and the design you made for our new App, thanks Itay!

Meirav Naor Weinstock
Meirav Naor Weinstock
Co-Founder & Chief Product and Strategy
We have been working with Itai on our mobile application for the past year, UX/UI, design interfaces to the web, and visibility and visual has been amazing. Italy is an "out of the box" thinker, a professional with high standards and always available for questions and rethinking.
dan gang
Dan Gang
Affective Market
Founder & CEO
Itay Alon is a genius in identifying what is essential for product development and how to make it fit with its market. His UI/UX skills and his fast execution always make me amazed...
shay ittah
Shay Ittah
Strategy. Innovation. Technology. Marketing
Bank Hapoalim

Itay is truly a UI and UX expert and a great person to work with.

Israel BaLulu

My partner and I did UX/UI for the app with Itay.
The most talented man there is!
Gives a lot of transition, and lets you understand your product better than how you understood it yourself.
Has tremendous experience, endless creativity and most importantly he puts his head in order and is focused on what is right and good for the user experience, without all the fuss around.
Those who want a product beyond excellent is the man who will take you there.

yuval manzura
Yuval Manzura
CEO & Founder

Itay is professional, creative, and a mentor at the highest level! We were satisfied with the process and, of course, with the result; Itay comes out of the box and gives 100% for the project's success on the best side! A reliable and quality designer who is fun to work with!


We have been working with Itay for several years; at the beginning of the road, we found a first-class professional who quickly becomes an essential part of the development work, accompanying, thinking, and finding solutions on the go. Highly recommend.

Marianne Galperin
Marianne Galperin

I have worked with Itay on several occasions. Simple words cannot describe the great satisfaction of the whole process. From the beginning, an introductory meeting for the project including quick and clear answers to questions, progress on schedules that was faster than the client (me) could progress... wonderful communication. In short - a love story. For any consultation from the simple to the complex, I am the address, a professional at an international level, fast and goes the extra mile for the client. If there was one more star on a smile I would add it.
Returning again and again to this service provider!
Itay - thank you!

nir yogev
Nir Yogev

With me amazing! Lives, breathes and loves user experience. His results are devastating. One level above all!

yirga semay

With me, many thanks for the amazing cooperation, the creativity and the quality of the product. Characterization, design and user experience for a digital product is done with Itai Alon

Dadi Orion
Dadi Orion
CEO Partner

What fun it is to work with such a talented and creative man who brings to life the vision you dreamed of! We contacted Itay after many searches and dozens of exhausting meetings with designers who could not understand us. Happily, after one session with Itay, we knew this was what we were looking for. A designer and characteristic with a grace that listens to you and makes you precisely exactly where it is needed. Itai managed to make complex processes simple both in the product and in the communication with us. Thanks for everything; I'm sure we will meet again.

Lior Yadin
Lior Yadin
Entity Med

I highly recommend working with Itay; Itay is professional and experienced in designing complex user interfaces that require thinking and creative problem-solving. Itay characterized and created a user experience in a perfect way that turned the product into a suitable, intelligent, and user-friendly product in a way that increases our customers.

Shveka Yoni
Shveka Yoni

A professional, fast and thorough designer. Understands interest, creative. A pleasure to work with

Tom Brachel
Tom Brachel
Tuto | Techstars 21
Co-Founder & CTO

Great experience! Very professional!

Udi Dahan
Baby Beep

As part of setting up a new company for a product to prevent children from forgetting in the car, we chose Eti as the product designer, I work with many designers for many applications, this is the first time I get a perfect design that I didn't have to wake up and touch, Eti is a pleasant and talented person who is fun to work with with super high quality and fast results , for me, he is the home designer from now on! Thank you with me

daniel yanay
Daniel Yanay

There are not many talented people like Itay around, a combination of strategy, intelligence, and a lot of talent; it was a pleasure to work together, and I am waiting for the next project!!!!

Israel B

My partner and I did ux/ui for the app with me. The most talented man there is! Gives a lot of transition, and lets you understand your product better than how you understood it yourself. Has tremendous experience, endless creativity and most importantly he puts his head in order and is focused on what is right and good for the user experience, without all the fuss around. Those who want a product beyond excellent is the man who will take you there.

Alon Amit
Alon Amit
ReDent Nova
Director of marketing

Working with Itay has been a pleasure. He understood the spirit of the product and the company immediately and even had some suggestions from his perspective as a UI/UX designer that helped improve our product. Itay provided the work in a short matter of time, with quick answers and excellent communication.

We're looking forward to working with him again!

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IPM Square

Micro interactions

Microinteractions are "moments" that have a unique effect around the achievement of one task. For example, clicking on a registration form button as an interesting summary of the action you performed on the form, or giving feedback to a Facebook post in the context of social engagement. Microinteractions are more than just animations and much more than the aesthetics of the design, they take into account the simplicity of the action, the target audience, the language and the user experience.

Conversations about user experience

Everything you wanted to know about user experience and the approach to designing digital products. Dozens of posts and impressions about digital product strategy, user experience, user interface, integration between design and development in digital products, How much does it cost to design an app?, UX and UI for human-machine user interface systems HMI And more.

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The way we use our cell phones affects our brains. A study found that daily cell phone users have a larger somatosensory cortex. This is the area of ​​the brain that controls the thumbs.

An expert UI and UX designer knows how to dance within the delicate and ambiguous field of planning and designing applications and user interfaces and perfectly and uniquely express the uniqueness of the application.

One Kung Fu master in China said: "If you want to be a master at what you do, you must practice the same thing for fifteen consecutive years."

As designers, we want to strive to design for the short-term memory in the human brain. The memory load is lighter and the interaction is faster and takes place without errors.

The user experience on the website is no less important than any other promotion action we perform and some would say the most important. In fact, there is also a direct connection between the experience of the surfers on the site and the number of leads we can generate from it. In this article we will review 10 advanced techniques to improve the user experience on the website that can help you raise the website higher in the search results and generate more leads from it.

An excellent user experience overwhelms positive emotions and "stickiness" (stickiness) for the user that serve the business goals of the company and the distinct goals of the types of users.

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